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Here are some comments (and poetry) from our customers:

"Raewyn and her friendly, professional therapists have provided me with treatments, products and advise for over 10 years. Having been to many other spas locally and overseas I have never experienced one that has even come close to the high standard of professionalism, expertise combined with such a warm and inviting atmosphere found at House of Beauty."

- M L, Paremata

"A visit to the House of Beauty Day Spa should be a regular feature of every woman's life, no matter what her age.  At the House of Beauty Day Spa there is a chance to relax, to feel pampered, and to feel completely confident in the hands of the calm and competent staff. The treatments take place in spotless surroundings, in the presence of soothing music, and the ambience is one of total relaxation and calm. This, combined with the physical component of the treatments, be they massage, manicure or facials, foster peace in mind and body.

Truly, a visit here is "time out" for today's woman, from which she emerges with restored confidence, rested, renewed, and
ready to carry on with her daily life."

- Judith Paulin


Silken fingers smoothly slide
over contours of her face.
With added pressure dip, then rise
before turning to place
exposed palms, and so begin
a gentle rhythm
whilst firming up the neck
and chin.

Thumbs now treat the tired lines
on brow and beneath the eyes.
Kneading jaded cells, they are
very soon revitalised.
Fragrance fills the sultry air,
her work is done, it seems

- Sandra E Knight

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